Engineering of continuous basalt fiber,
composites and thermal insulation

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"RB Engineering" - wise technology decisions

In the portfolio of projects implemented over the past 10 years, the construction and re-equipment of 5 industrial enterprises in the basalt sector. "RB Engineering" offers complex solutions in the field of construction of basalt productions and realizes projects of any complexity "on a turn-key basis", carrying out a full range of services for the creation of industrial facilities from design and survey works to operational management.

Specialists of "RB Engineering" have practical experience in designing, building, equipping, commissioning and industrial operation of enterprises for the production of basalt continuous fiber and composite products based on it, as well as mineral wool insulation.

We pay special attention to the maximum automation of production. Our company's CBF has unique competitive advantages due to the optimal price-quality ratio, as well as high demand on the domestic and foreign markets.


The raw materials for the production of continuous basalt fiber are basalt rocks. The chemical composition of basalt can vary widely. Basalts are mainly used as rubble for road construction and construction, but in the modern world we have found them more worthy of use.

The market of CBF and materials based on them is actively formed. CBF production technologies are new, and it exists only in a few countries. At the same time, the fields of application, as well as the demand for CBF, have already been sufficiently formed.

Due to their characteristics, basalt fibers and materials have their own special market. These are qualitative, thermally and chemically resistant materials for construction, responsible industrial facilities and structures.

CBF is physicochemical and mechanical characteristics superior to fiberglass and close to carbon fibers, while much cheaper than the latter.



Designing plants and lines for the production of CBF, composite products, thermal insulation

Supply of equipment

Selection, purchase, production of basic and auxiliary equipment, software and automation


Investigation of basalt raw materials for the suitability of production of continuous basalt fiber


Chef-installation, commissioning, output for planned project indicators and power


Audit of existing design documentation, current construction phase, specifications for the supply of equipment


Comprehensive consulting in the field of basalt technologies, including sales of redistribution products

Specialists of "RB Engineering" developed a standard modular project for the production of CBF, which ensures optimal payback period and profitability of the project. The modular principle of organization of the enterprise easily allows to increase the volume of production in the range of 500 - 10 000 tons / year. "RB Engineering" also has ready-made solutions for the creation of the most cost-effective composite productions based on continuous basalt fiber - reinforcement, panels, fabrics, pipes, high pressure cylinders, as well as our own raw material base (basalt quarry).


Main equipment:
Furnace module
Platinum-rhodium feeders system
Winding and assembling equipment
Refractory and lining products
Automated control and power supply system
Auxiliary equipment:
Automated system of preparation, transportation and storage of raw materials
Automated feedstock loading system in the furnace
Automated system for preparation, transportation and storage of sizing
Automated product transportation system
Furnace cleaning and cooling system
Drying chamber


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